Boot camp, personal & corporate trainer

Prior to becoming a trainer, Jon was a dedicated client of Stevan’s. He was so inspired by training in Golden Gate Park, that he became certified and joined the Koi Fitness team. 

Jon loves working out and does so regularly and intensely, but also with focus and meaning. As a trainer, he instills this same approach on his clients. He always strives to uncover what drives his clients – and then help them improve and grow.  His all-body training sessions, designed to keep his clients continually moving, balance both sweat and intensity – with purpose and meaning. 

He believes every workout should be tough and aspirational, but also interesting, surprising, and fun. And he defines success by witnessing his clients’ most recent accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Therefore, with the goal of always challenging himself and his clients, he continuously assesses and refines his training techniques and workouts. 


He frequently runs the infamous Baker Beach Sand Ladder, one leg of the notorious ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ triathlon, and an extremely tough, yet rewarding, challenge. 

He enjoys training with Koi because of the many inspiring programs and talented trainers, with whom he can partner.

I love training my clients in Golden Gate Park, with its fresh air, amazing scenery and stunning vistas. And, outdoor group trainings naturally create communities. That in itself is inspiring.


Jon is certified in ACE Fitness personal training, as well as Russian-style Kettlebell instruction. 

He holds a Bachelor of Science in English and Journalism, which explains why he’s such an effective communicator.

Train with Jon and start reaching your fitness goals today.