Boot camp, personal & corporate trainer

Sports have been a major part of Mark’s life since grade school – and today, he proudly admits being addicted to sports and fitness.

He credits his success as an athlete and his drive to train others, with the many coaches, athletes, and sports professionals with whom he’s worked. It was from these mentors that he learned the importance of balance and commitment to both hard work and a healthy lifestyle. 

As a dedicated trainer and a coach, Mark focuses on mobility, postural awareness, and performance. He believes the keys to a healthy regiment are discipline, time management and informed injury prevention.

The foundation for continued performance in sports – and life – is being able to train long term. This requires keeping injuries to a minimum


Besides training with Koi Fitness, Mark is also the assistant coach at local high school where he works with the varsity team on sprints, hurdles and strength and conditioning. His personal goal is to relentlessly pursue his fullest potential and encourage the same thing of his clients.


My best advice for being a successful client… get involved, find the right coach, make a commitment and never stop doing your homework.


Mark grew up in San Francisco and received a sports scholarship to UC Irvine, where he competed for 5 years in NCAA Division 1 track and field. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Sciences, he began training in body therapy and myofascial release. This training continues today, as does his involvement in sports, both competitive and leisure. A few of his favorites are surfing, sprinting, lifting and climbing. 

Train with Mark and start reaching your fitness goals today.