Personal Training With Koi Fitness

After a brief interview outlining all the pieces necessary to give us a full picture on where you’re coming from, and where you’d like to go, you’re ready to start!! Together we decide on a number of training days per week,  lay out a plan for you (also available if you’d like to train as a small group of 2-4), and set the plan in motion. 

We recommend setting part of the first training session aside for an assessment to identify your current baseline fitness and measurements (options include % body fat, circumference, muscular strength, Muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance / VO2 Max and/or flexibility) then periodically take those same measurements to compare to the baseline, and adjust your training based on progress. 

We’ve helped individuals work to build and shape muscle, trim fat, work in conjunction with a Physical Therapist and/or other physicians to move through and recover from injury, surgery, post organ transplant, cancer treatmentAlso we’ve trained athletes to compete in martial arts, high school and college sports, kids performance and general fitness, adult performance and general fitness, getting back into those college jeans, or losing the gut.  We’ve done a lot and we’re eager to help you achieve your goals.  Send us a note today to get the process started! 


Interview / Goal setting



Goal achievement / New goal setting


Ryan is an excellent running coach.  He is always on time,  energetic,  and has an awesome, positive attitude.   He is very dedicated as a trainer, and understands the importance of consistency so he is incredibly accommodating!   I have gotten fitter and improved my interval cardio abilities with Ryan.  The sessions are never overkill so they fit in nicely with my already intensive strength training schedule.  I always enjoy our workouts!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Daniella R.