Session 1 =    January 4th - February 14th                             Session 5 =   July 5th - August 14th

Session 2 =    February 15th -  March 27th                            Session 6 =   August 15th - September 25th

Extreme Week =  March 28th - April 1st                               Extreme Week =  September 26th - September 30th

Session 3 =   April 4th - May 15th                                            Session 7 =    October 3rd - November 13th

Session 4 =    May 16th - June 26th                                         Session 8 =  November 14th -  January 1st

Extreme Week =   June 27th - July 1st



Fitness Program and Philosophy

According to ancient Chinese legend, the koi represents courage, perseverance, strength, and achievement. It was said that any koi that succeeded in bravely climbing the falls at Dragon Gate on the Yellow River would be transformed into a dragon.

Similarly, we approach health and fitness as an opportunity for personal growth, improved quality of life, and positive transformation. Our program is centered on helping each member develop strength,stamina, self-confidence, and new levels of fitness though exercise,nutrition, and community support

Program Components


We train for one hour a day, four days a week within six-week sessions. Our one-hour classes include a warm-up, workout, cool-down, andstretching.

Each member works out in a small training group with 4-12 other members at the same level of fitness. Our expert instructors maintain the “pulse” of the workout, keeping it fun and challenging while making modifications for individuals which makes the training more personalized. Each group works with different trainers over the course of the week to incorporate a variety of training styles and keep it engaging.

Each training day, or workout, includes a run or cardio component, aresistance or strength-training component, a core-training component, and a flexibility component. Each component is designed to focus on speed,agility, power, strength, or endurance. Many of the exercises rely on body weight, but we also utilize equipment such as resistance bands, agility ladders, sand bags, sledgehammers, medicine balls, a partner’s body weight, ropes, tractor tires, and even automobiles. (Yes, automobiles!)

Our training week is designed so that there is minimal overlap in training different muscle groups. This allows for greater recovery and a highly efficient approach to achieving balanced, total-body fitness.

Moving through each 6-week session, we gradually increase the training intensity and volume to keep up with your body as it adapts to the training, ensuring that you’ll receive the most out of every week you train with us.

Over the course of the year, we cycle through different 6-week sessions to keep it fun and interesting, and make it a safe andeffective training program for our members


We offer fitness assessments at the beginning and end of each session in order to place each member in the appropriate training group and track each member’s progress throughout our program.

Our fitness assessments include taking body circumference and body fat percentage measurements, as well as measuring cardiovascular ability,muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. We use these performance measures to create a goal sheet for each member using ACSM guidelines for health and fitness.


We recognize that proper nutrition is essential to achieving fitness and weight-loss goals. We provide dietary recommendations that work in conjunction with our training program, as well as personalized food log reviews for each member that registers for a full session.

Scenic Outdoor Training

Our workouts are a great way to connect with nature and our local parks. (Read: no smelly gyms here.) You will be surprised how motivatingexciting, and different it can be to train in the fresh outdoors, but be prepared to get a little dirty at our workouts.


The key to being consistent with any fitness program is working out withpeople you like. Our fitness instructors are not only highly experienced athletes, but they’re nice and personable: they take an interest in helping you reach your fitness goals. They will push you, but they won’t yell at you. In a group setting like the one we’ve established, peer motivation is another organic motivator that can give you that extra nudge when you’re tempted not to workout.

Our workouts are labeled “bootcamp” because they create total-body fitnessand mental toughness in a group setting. But you won’t find any drill sergeants among our trainers.

In fact, our program is a great way to meet new people and create close bonds with others who want to live a healthy lifestyle. We host social eventseach session so that members can get to know each other outside of class.