We are Koi Fitness

We challenge and coach our clients to achieve both higher levels of fitness and positive personal growth. 

We work with all kinds of people—all with two important things in common—they care about themselves and strive to be better, just like you. 

We offer individual and small group training, corporate and team training, and our signature outdoor boot camps. We balance vigorous exercise and thoughtful nutrition with positive encouragement, and always a dose of fun. 

Getting in great shape and improving quality of life are important journeys. Having fun while doing it is paramount.

Each member of our team is a skilled and accomplished trainer. They have each been hand picked, because of their credentials, passion and chemistry. They define Koi Fitness.

We’ll establish a baseline for your personalized training plan by incorporating the American College of Sports Medicine health and fitness guidelines and the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s standards for performance.

Established by Stevan Krstic, a highly respected and passionate trainer, and a true San Francisco outdoor boot camp trailblazer, Koi Fitness has been helping clients achieve their best and transform positively, since 2006. 

No matter your age, fitness level or goals, we can help.
Let’s create an effective program together.


Our Mission

Inspire personal growth and positive transformation with a dose of fun.

Our name, Koi Fitness, embodies this mission. According to ancient Chinese legend, the Koi fish represents courage, perseverance, strength, and achievement. It was said that any Koi that succeeded in bravely climbing the Dragon Gate Falls on the Yellow River, would be transformed into an everlasting and all-powerful dragon.

It is with this spirit and commitment that we challenge and encourage our clients everyday.