Let's hit the parks and work out together

There’s nothing better than vigorous team training, and nowhere better to train than the beautiful San Francisco outdoors.

Being a bunch of outdoor-loving fitness pros, Koi Fitness offers intense six-week group exercise programs in the best gym in town – the stunning city parks. And we offer them year-round.

We’ll tailor your program

We can create the right program for you, whether you want to get into shape again or take your already-serious fitness to the next level.

We’ll carefully match you with the ideal group

Your team members provide the support and encouragement to push you even further.

Koi does an amazing job of working the entire body. It’s not easy, but if you fit it in your schedule, you’ll see results right away.
— Beth J.

Every workout is different

We focus each program on specific muscle groups and fitness areas, always balancing cardio, strength, endurance, speed, agility and flexibility.

We’ll counsel you on smart nutrition

We understand that no training program is effective without a proper diet.

Get the results you deserve

Each of our six-week programs—designed for teams of 8-10 people—provides 4 vigorous, one-hour workouts each week. You’ll hit your goals in no time at all.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Join a boot camp team in the morning or evening at Golden Gate Park or Baker Beach in San Francisco.  

It’s a beautiful day to train.
Let’s get started.


Golden Gate Park: Bandshell
6am: Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu
(Now taking names for 7am)


88 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive,
San Francisco, CA
(Tour bus parking lot)

Golden Gate Park: Carousel
(Now taking names for 5:30 and 6:30PM)


314 Bowling Green Drive,
San Francisco, CA
(SF Lawn Bowling Club parking lot)

Baker Beach
9am: Saturday


Battery Chamberlin Road,
San Francisco, CA
(The road dead-ends into a large parking lot. Meet at the North end near the batteries)