Team health and fitness training

Koi Fitness works with many companies and organizations, including major airlines, local police departments and tech companies—from established leaders to small start-ups—to provide customized health and fitness training programs for their employees. 

The content of our six-week, group exercise programs are individually tailored and based in science to meet your employee goals and individual needs. All programs are collaboratively designed to be safe, effective and enjoyable. 

Koi trainers can also help develop and train a company team to participate or compete in athletic events and challenges. We can make your team a winner.

The benefits of corporate health and fitness training programs are extensive and invaluable—which include:

Overall employee health, welfare and happiness
Enhanced lifestyle habits
Increased motivation and production
Improved workforce morale
Strengthened teams and relationship building
Employee retention
Incentive for attracting new hires
Decrease in medical costs
Reduced time lost to sickness

And most importantly... 
Demonstrated commitment to your team’s well-being

It’s refreshing to walk out of morning meetings and jump into an hour-long fitness session with my colleagues. I always come out with renewed energy and a more balanced state. Makes for a great day.
— Ray Y.

Over the years we’ve learned a few important truths about corporate training:

Everyone wants to be healthy, even though many are intimidated by exercise. This can be a great way to ease them into fitness and healthier living

Everyone enjoys training in a group environment. They can support, motivate and learn from each other, all in healthy new ways

Everyone feels better after a good workout. This can improve both morale and productivity

What Koi Fitness will provide:

Custom-designed, structured, training programs
Experienced trainers facilitating each workout
Training equipment
Individual results
A few corny jokes along the way

Let’s design the perfect corporate program for your team. You’ll be amazed by the results.