Koi Fitness owner
Boot camp, personal & corporate trainer

Stevan Krstic, owner of Koi Fitness and the original founder of San Francisco’s first boot camp program, is a highly respected and extremely passionate mentor, athlete and fitness professional. 

Skilled at Olympic-style weightlifting, sport-specific conditioning, circuit training, individual and small group fitness training, and strike training, Stevan’s experience and credentials are both varied and extensive.

He developed the first San Francisco based boot camp in 1999, spearheading a movement that would revolutionize Bay Area fitness training. His approach and curriculum set the standards from which boot camps today continue to aspire. 

Stevan now leads Koi Fitness, his next generation fitness program – and the culmination of his 20 years of successful fitness coaching. 


Stevan personally helps his clients achieve higher levels of fitness by balancing vigorous exercise, thoughtful nutrition and, most importantly, healthy encouragement. 

He believes personal growth and improvement should not only be positive and rewarding, but also enjoyable. That’s why humor is an important part of his curriculum,

He loves helping clients who seek to lower their stress, blood pressure or body fat, as well as those wanting a stronger, more defined physique, or those just wanting to work out for well-being and enjoyment.

My commitment is to positively impact each of my clients in a way that strengthens them physically, as well as spiritually and emotionally.


Stevan has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from SF State University and has earned All American honors at the national level, as both an all athlete and a coach.

He received his certification as a Health and Fitness Instructor (HFI), through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in 1998 and in 2001, he became certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

He received a coaching certification in USA Weightlifting in 1998, is a certified level 1 and level 2 US Lacrosse coach, and a member of the PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance).

He also has a Black Belt in Ju Jitsu & Submission Fighting.


Stevan has coached at universities, helping athletes train and compete nationally, and he has trained college prep athletes, many of which have been recruited by university athletic programs. His athletic clients span numerous sports, including soccer, crewing, track & field throwers, half and full-marathoners, as well as dancers, and adventure racers. 

With his black belt in Ju Jitsu & Submission Fighting, he has trained adults and teens in both competitive and non-competitive martial arts. 

Being highly skilled in ground fighting / submission / control techniques, he trains security crew chiefs, security officers and bodyguards on effective client protection. He also applies this approach to mainstream clientele, such as business executives, who, through combat training and self-empowerment, are able to harness and effectively translate their primal elements to the workplace. 

Stevan has led corporate boot camp programs for multiple professional organizations, ranging from Powerbar and SFPD Training Academy to numerous high-tech and biotech companies. Working with United Airlines, he developed and customized program for ground crews, teaching warm up exercises, to both minimize injuries and improve team working.

He has helped both post-surgery patients and ongoing physical therapy patients, offering various forms of specialized physical therapy. And teaming up with physical therapists and chiropractors, he has provided physical therapy to post heart-transplant patients and others with serious sports-related injuries.

With extensive skills and broad reaching expertise and experiences, Stevan firmly believes in customizing his training methodology for each client, whether a professional, amateur, newcomer or patient. 

Both his individualized trainings and group trainings are tailored to his audiences—ensuring maximum effectiveness and results for everyone. It is with this same philosophy that he leads Koi Fitness. 

Train with Stevan and start reaching your fitness goals today.